Report Hazing

The Demon Deacon community is a community of care. Part of that ethos of care means being an active bystander and working together to report acts of hazing. The various reporting options are designed to ensure a comprehensive approach to reporting hazing. Every hazing allegation reported is investigation by appropriate enforcement and university officials

Or call the Hazing Hotline at 336.758.HAZE (4293)

If an individual and/or organization is in immediate danger or is in immediate need of assistance, please use any of these emergency numbers:

WFU PoliceWinston-Salem PoliceEmergency
(On Campus)
(Off Campus)

To provide more detailed information and/or to speak with somebody one on one:

Hazing Hotline 336.758.HAZE (4293)
The Hazing Hotline will leave a message on a voice service for a Dean of Students staff member. The Hazing Hotline is monitored 24/7 and if contact information is provided, calls will be returned.

Office of the Dean of Students 336.758.5226
The main number to the Office of the Dean of Students will be answered from 8:30 to 5 PM Monday – Friday. Calls at night or on the weekend will be returned the next business day.

Reporting Tips:

  • Be specific with details (dates, times, activities and names)
  • Have facts, not assumptions
  • Give your name and your student’s name to the police
  • Be prepared for a range of emotions for those involved. Students could feel angry and hurt or relieved and grateful if you make a complaint on their behalf
  • Also know reporting could potentially save someone’s life.