Laws and Policies

Hazing Policies at WFU

47 states and most colleges and universities have rules outlining why hazing is not condoned or endorsed.

Wake Forest University Definition of Hazing:  

Wake Forest University prohibits all forms of hazing which may result in physical and psychological harm to a person.

Hazing includes attempting to or recklessly or negligently causing physical or emotional injury. Hazing activities and behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following: the forced consumption of any substance, sleep deprivation, paddling or striking in any manner, performing calisthenics, personal servitude, conducting activities that do not allow time to meet academic commitments, requiring the violation of University policies, or federal, state or local laws, and any activity likely to cause embarrassment or humiliation.

For more information refer to the 2017-18 Student Handbook

North Carolina State Hazing Law:

Statute: 14-35 Definition
Hazing is defined as follows: “to subject another student to physical injury as part of an initiation, or as a prerequisite to membership, into any organized school group, including any society, athletic team, fraternity or sorority, or other similar group.”

Prohibits: any student in attendance at any university, college, or school in this State to engage in hazing, or to aid or abet any other student in the commission of this offense.

Any violation of this section shall constitute a Class 2 misdemeanor.

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