WFU Hazing Policy

Excerpt from the 2017-18 Student Code of Conduct


Hazing Hotline 336.758.HAZE (4293)
A phone mailbox is available to members of the Wake Forest community who wish to report anonymously any student behavior which may be of a hazing nature. Such reports will be followed up by the Office of the Dean of Students and appropriate action taken.

Hazing Policy

Wake Forest University prohibits all forms of hazing which may result in physical and psychological harm to a person. The anti-hazing policy contained here is that of Wake Forest University. Violators are subject to possible criminal action by governmental
authorities, in addition to being held accountable through the University’s conduct process.

Hazing includes attempting to or recklessly or negligently causing physical or emotional injury. Hazing activities and behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following: the forced consumption of any substance, sleep deprivation, paddling or striking in any manner, performing calisthenics, personal servitude, conducting activities that do not allow time to meet academic commitments, requiring the violation of University policies, or federal, state or local laws, and any activity likely to cause embarrassment or humiliation.

Corrective Action

If a reasonable investigation determines that the organization planned, discussed, or carried out a hazing activity it may be organizationally penalized. Participation in hazing is prohibited and consent to being hazed is not an acceptable defense. Persons who may be found in violation of hazing can include those who implement or initiate hazing, anyone in a leadership role in the chapter, anyone who permits the hazing to occur within their residence (aiding and abetting), any new member who willfully participates in hazing activities during new member education, and any other victim(s) who knowingly and willfully consent to being hazed.

Reporting and Preventing Hazing

All members of the University community share the responsibility to prevent and report allegations of hazing. To avoid any errors in judgment, all Greek organizations must submit a detailed list of new member activities to the Office of the Dean of Students at the beginning of the new member education period.


  • Hazing Hotline 336.758-HAZE (4293)
  • Wake University Police 336.758.5591
  • Winston-Salem Police Department 336.773.7700
  • Emergency (on campus) 5911
  • Emergency (off campus) 911
  • University Counseling 336.758.5273
  • Residence Life & Housing 336.758.5185
  • Office of the Dean of Students 336.758.5226

Or call the Hazing Hotline at 336.758.HAZE (4293)

Common Hazing Excuses

  • “It’s tradition”
  • “No one will get hurt”
  • “It’s funny – what’s the problem?”
  • “They like it; they said it was okay”
  • “It’s okay if they don’t complain”
  • “It helps build team cohesiveness and unity”
  • “I went through it, it’s a rite of passage”

SOURCE: My Journey from Being Hazed, to Being an Enthusiastic Hazer, to Stopping Hazing